The inception of Rif Raf began in late 1978 originally consisting of Brent Taft on bass guitar, Bill Page on drums, and Tim Blake  and Ty Beebe on guitars and vocals.  That line up went unscathed until 1983 and the band started to see some personnel changes.. and continued to see many changes as bands do over the years.  What's different about this band that sets it apart from others is it's longevity.  It's been a brotherhood of musicians for thirty years.  We care about the music.  There's as much passion in it now as when we started.  And we sure as hell care about each other.  We've seen more milestones than we care to remember (we've lasted longer that most of our marriages!).  But anyway, I digress!.  the present day line-up includes Tim Blake on guitars and vocals, Max Maxwell on guitars and vocals, Steve Millers on vocals, Joe Bowman on Bass and vocals, and Rick "Bean" Green on keyboards and organ.  In the fall of 2016, Dale Kanavel passed away.  He was the only drummer the band had for the past 33 years!  RIP, Dale!.  After an extensive search, we hired Todd Harney to sit in the drum throne.  Welcome aboard, Todd!